What is a Breakfast Ball?

“A mulligan on the first tee shot of an early morning round (or any round)”

Most golfers have heard the term, but what is a Breakfast Ball?

Traditionally, a Breakfast Ball is given on the first tee as a “free” extra shot.  Most golfers’ first shot off the tee isn’t perfect.  Whether they didn’t warm up, were nervous, hung over, or whatever else contributed to the bad shot.  So he is given a “DO-OVER” or “MULLIGAN” or “PRACTICE” all of these would be considered BREAKFAST BALLS!  

Most of their BREAKFAST BALLS end up lost, often times they don’t even look.  That’s were our job comes in – we go into the long fescue, the deepest part of the forest, or to the bottom of the ocean (lake or ponds) RECOVER these barely used golf balls and then sell them back to you at half the price!

Then they are cleaned, sorted, sanitized, and graded using our second to none grading system. After they are graded, we place our beautiful BreakfastBalls in custom golf ball sleeves (no ziplock bags here) just waiting for your order.  These premium, gently used golf balls still have plenty of life left in them and are sold here at BreakfastBalls.Golf at a fraction of the price of new.

We have all the top brands: Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Vice, Bridgestone and many more!  Our used golf balls are never refurbished or altered in any way, so you know you are getting the same quality as a brand new golf ball.  Whether your group plays “Breakfast Balls on first tee box only” or has a strict “NO BREAKFAST BALLS” rule, we feel that playing our USED GOLF BALLS are always a smart decision. Lower the cost of golf right now with BreakfastBalls.Golf!

At Breakfastballs.Golf we give you a BreakfastBall on EVERY tee not just the first BABY!!

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Why Used?

Have you ever found a ball on the golf course that looked like a brand new ball?  Have you every played a brand new golf ball and lost it after your first swing?Have you ever wanted to save money on golf so you can play more more?Used golf balls are saving golfers millions of dollars per year AND Used golf balls are lowering golfers scores! 

Golf is Expensive

As any golfer realizes you need to plan on paying at least $100 for a round of golf.  Even if the majority has been spent on beer or cocktails the reality is that golf is expensive.

The good news is that we can help lower that golf expense by selling you used golf balls at a fraction of the price!

Shop Used Golf Balls Now!

500 Million

Golf Balls Lost Every Year which are now Used Golf Balls

300 Million

Used Golf Balls Sold Online Every Year

5 Golf Balls

Average golf balls lost per round of golf

“I will play with used golf balls from now on.  They are as good as new.  I will ONLY buy them from BreakfastBalls.golf, thank you for what you do!”

~ Paul P.