Social Distance? Play Golf!

Play Golf NOW

Golf is and has always been a great way for social distance!


Social distance?  

Yes, social distance.  This new term that is quickly taking over as the mandate for human behavior while we battle the unknown around the Corona Virus.  The term social distance simply means “To distance yourself from others and limit you social interactions with others”.  Every time you pick up that club or hit the range you are socially distancing yourself from others – and it’s SOOO HEALTHY!

As all of us have heard a thousand times and can absolutely relate, we live in a NOW, NOW, NOW society.  Every task.  Every meeting.  Every interaction.  Remember the last time you bumped into an acquaintance that you haven’t seen in a hot minute?  When you asked “How’s it going” or “What’s new” what was their answer? Did they reply  “Not much, I’m bored, I have all the time in the world just nothing to do” OR was it more like “I’M SO BUSY.”

I’m guessing you are in agreement that the second response (I’m so busy) is the answer of choice for the majority of those interactions because of the world we live in today.  Right or wrong it’s the reality.  So let’s all slow down and play MORE GOLF!

We are going to dig into 3 points surrounding this topic

  • Is it proper to still play golf amid the coronavirus concerns and should you feel guilty?
  • How to stay safe on the course.
  • Why golf is and will always be the BEST SOCIAL DISTANCING outlet.


Social Distancing Blog Post


Is it proper to still play golf amid the coronavirus concerns and should you feel guilty?

YES it is proper and NO you should NOT feel guilty!

Regardless of what the media tells you (or your spouse), it is perfectly fine to play golf.  It actually is very healthy.  Being confined inside and told you can’t interact with the world around you is a very scary feeling.  Being scared to go outside or even go to the grocery store is absolutely crazy when you sit and think about it.  So we need to let those feelings go and play golf.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  Obviously, we are NOT saying to be reckless or cavalier with our physical health but if that’s good then focus on your mental health.  Being confined to your home and sitting on the couch in panic is absolutely horrible and will negatively impact your future.  So GO PLAY GOLF!


“I think it’s really important to be able to get our exercise in, even if we can’t go to the gym,” said Crystal Watson, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security who focuses on public health preparedness. “It’s a wonderful way to keep up mental and physical health.”


According to Dr. Catherine Troisi, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, “golf as it’s normally played—outdoors, with natural social-distancing built in—“would be fairly safe.”


So there you have it, get out of the house and GO PLAY GOLF and DON’T FEEL GUILTY!


social distancing man walking


How to stay safe on the course.

Hopefully by now you are cleaning your clubs, finding your golf shoes, or counting how many golf balls you have (hopefully purchased from BreakfastBalls.Golf) and about to head to the course.  But before you leave we wanted to give you a few tips on how to stay safe on the course.

These guidelines are based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  1. Do not use bunker rakes – hopefully your course has taken the rakes away but if not stay clear of the rakes!  Better yet stay out of the sand.
  2. Put with the flagstick in – Lucky the new rules are fine with this. (I wonder if the USGA would have given everyone a “mulligan” if it wasn’t a new rule…)
  3. Verify your course is scattering tee times – Usually there is about 7-10 minutes between tee times but there should be about double that now.  If you see other golfers stop and wait.
  4. Golf carts should be single rider only – Even if it’s your best friend it’s probably best to stay solo. Just make sure you don’t get charged double
  5. Stay away from the range – The range usually doesn’t help that round regardless so just cut it out.  Give yourself a few extra “Breakfast Balls”
  6. Handling your golf equipment – Wash and sanitize your equipment often.  Bring sanitizer with you and spray repeatedly throughout the round
  7. Don’t pick up other people’s Breakfast Balls – You never know where they have been and that’s our job!
  8. Can I get a drink before, during, or after my round? – Oh YES you can.  Just make sure the staff is using gloves and don’t get a garnish (hopefully the course doesn’t even offer)


Why golf is and will always be the BEST SOCIAL DISTANCING outlet.

Why do we love golf so much?  It’s something I ask myself all the time.  I guess it really doesn’t matter but the simple fact is that this game isn’t just a game to many of us.  It’s our passion, it’s our pastime, it’s our SOCIAL DISTANCING outlet!

Golfers have been using the game of golf as a way to socially distance themselves from golf’s inception – we have just never called it SOCIAL DISTANCING.  When we step foot on the course it is just YOU against the COURSE.  There is a fascination and intimidation that goes hand in hand.  Never has a game been so frustrating, angering, while tantalizing all at the same time.  Golf teaches us patience, self-control, respect, honesty, humility, every round.  Golf is so easy to relate to our lives and parallels many of our day to day challenges and rewards. We don’t just play for fun we play for the escape, we play to relax, we play to just “GET AWAY.”

There have been many great quotes about the game of golf but I’d like to highlight some of the best of all time….


ben hogan quote about life for social distancing blog for used golf balls



Favorite Golf Quotes of all Time


“Golf is closest game to the game we call life.  You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

-Bobby Jones

“Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.”

-Dr. Bob Rotella

I’ve never played a round when I didn’t learn something new about the game.”

-Ben Hogan

“Nobody ever remembers who finished second at anything.”

-Jack Nicklaus

“Forget your opponents; always play against par.”

-Sam Snead

“Success in golf depends less on strength of body more on strength of mind and character.”

-Arnold Palmer


If you are still reading this…….GO PLAY GOLF, RIGHT NOW!!!

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