Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort Review

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PALM HARBOR, Fla    Nestled amid the lush, natural landscapes of Palm Harbor, Florida, Innisbrook, a Salamander Golf & Spa Resort, stands as a beloved retreat for golfers from around the globe. With its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and a suite of championship courses, the resort promises a memorable golfing experience that appeals to a diverse range of players. However, while it excels in many aspects, there are areas where it doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of perfection.

This review offers an honest and detailed look at Innisbrook’s celebrated golf offerings, emphasizing the nuances that make it both appealing and imperfect. We’ll explore the distinctive features of each course, the comprehensive amenities available to guests, and the overall ambiance that shapes every visitor’s experience. Whether you are planning your first visit or returning for another round, this review aims to provide a balanced perspective on what to expect at Innisbrook, where the charm of the game and the beauty of nature meet.


Overview of Golf Courses



Copperhead Course

Par 71 • 7,209 yards

Ranked as the PGA TOUR’s 7th toughest course, its legendary challenge awaits.

Design and Layout: The Copperhead Course is designed by Larry Packard and is the most famous of the four courses at Innisbrook. It is characterized by its narrow fairways, towering pine trees, and the natural rolling terrain which is atypical for Florida. This course stretches over 7,209 yards from the championship tees and plays as a par 71.

Signature Features: Copperhead’s most distinguishing feature is the “Snake Pit,” which comprises holes 16, 17, and 18. This challenging trio is known for its difficulty and has often been a decisive factor in the PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship. The 16th is a lengthy par 4 with a demanding drive and a second shot over water to a well-guarded green. The 17th is a par 3 that requires precision to avoid bunkers surrounding the green, and the 18th is a tough par 4 where accuracy off the tee is crucial due to narrow landing areas and a water hazard on the right.

Playing Experience: Golfers playing the Copperhead Course can expect a blend of beauty and challenge. The layout requires strategic thinking and precision, particularly on approach shots to the greens which are often elevated and feature subtle undulations.  The ideal time of the year to play this course is Spring/Early Summer after it is finished hosting the PGA Tour Valspar Championship.




South Course

Par 71 • 6,620 yards

Design and Layout: The South Course features a par 71 layout stretching over 6,620 yards. This course weaves through a series of lakes, and its fairways offer more room than the North and Copperhead courses, providing a forgiving yet strategic challenge.

Signature Features: Water hazards are a significant feature on the South Course, affecting play on many of its holes. The 14th hole, a par 3, is particularly memorable with a tee shot over water to a large, undulating green.

Playing Experience: Players on the South Course need to manage their game around the water hazards and make smart choices to score well. The course is less punishing than Copperhead and North but requires a good understanding of when to be aggressive and when to play it safe.


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North Course

9 Holes • Par 35 • 2,900 yards

Design and Layout: The North Course, although shorter than Copperhead, offers a unique challenge with its tighter layout and smaller greens. This course is a par 70 and spans 6,325 yards, making it more accessible yet still challenging for players of all levels.

Signature Features: The North Course is notable for its par 3 holes, particularly the 13th, which demands a precise tee shot to a green heavily guarded by water. It’s an excellent test of accuracy and nerve.

Playing Experience: The North Course rewards accuracy over power, with tight fairways and smaller greens that challenge your precision and short game. The beautiful scenery and less intimidating length make it a favorite among members and guests looking for a less demanding round.

Important Update: Please be aware that the North Course is scheduled for demolition in late 2024. As maintenance standards have decreased in anticipation of this change, we recommend choosing other courses at the resort to ensure a better golfing experience.


Island Course

Par 72 • 7,194 yards

Design and Layout: Known for its beauty and difficulty, the Island Course is a par 72 layout extending 7,310 yards. The course is characterized by tight fairways, large sand bunkers, and many water hazards, making it a formidable test of golf.

Signature Features: The signature hole is the 17th, a stunning par 3 surrounded by water and often regarded as one of the most picturesque holes at Innisbrook. The green is large but sitting on an “island” makes the psychological challenge as significant as the physical.

Playing Experience: The Island Course is both beautiful and challenging. Golfers must navigate through narrow fairways and avoid the water that comes into play on many holes. It requires a blend of strategic play and precision, especially on the greens, which are larger but heavily contoured.



Innisbrook Resort is a commendable destination for golf lovers seeking a varied and challenging golf experience in a picturesque setting. The courses, particularly Copperhead, offer the allure of championship golf with the beauty of Florida’s natural landscapes. However, while the golf is good, it doesn’t consistently reach the heights of excellence that some other premier golf resorts offer.

The resort’s amenities support a comprehensive golf destination but are a bit outdated.  For those who value extensive practice facilities and comfortable dining, Innisbrook delivers adequately. However, if you’re seeking a flawless experience with every detail fine-tuned to perfection, you might find certain aspects of Innisbrook falling just short of those expectations.

Overall, Innisbrook provides a solid golfing experience that most will find enjoyable but not exceptional. It’s a great place to play and stay, particularly if you appreciate the charm and challenges of its courses, without the expectation of excellence.