Grading Scale

Our grading scale is simple, easy, and perfect for everyone to understand.  When you get an EAGLE you feel amazing, just like our EAGLE quality used golf balls.  When you get a BIRDIE you feel really really good just like our BIRDIE quality used golf balls and when you get a PAR you feel decent just like our PAR quality used golf balls.



Eagle quality is the best you can buy in used golf balls.  These balls truly look and play like new golf balls.  They may have the slightest of a scuff or mark but will never affect golf ball performance.   These balls will not be x-out balls, practice, or refurbished.   May contain Corporate or Team Logos.  Compare to Mint, 5A,  AAAAA, A Quality.



These look like they have only been hit a few times. These balls all have some minor imperfection that keeps them from being Mint. Slight pen or ink mark are possible. There will be minor scuffs, or slight blemishes. Will NOT include Practice or x-out balls. May contain Corporate or Team Logos. 



You can absolutely play these balls but they don’t look amazing.  These used golf balls will not perform as well as our other grades but they are still playable.  The best news about these golf balls is that they are the lowest cost!  Compare to Good, 3A,  AAA, C Quality.