Callaway ERC Soft – Golf Ball Review!




Callaway ERC Soft Golf Balls

Callaway recently released their brand new ERC Soft Golf balls with Triple Track Technology.  Callaway claims this is their LONGEST ball with a soft feel.  Before we dive into all the technical details of this new golf ball, let’s talk about what ERC means.




Callaway ERC Soft Golf Balls

What does ERC mean?

E*R*C are the initials of Callaway founder Ely Reeves Callaway Jr.  Callaway hasn’t used his initials on a product in over 15 years.  Callaway used ERC on what they claimed, at the time, as their longest driver and irons ever!  So they claim the Callaway ERC golf ball is their LONGEST golf ball ever with a soft feel.




Is this Callaway’s longest golf ball EVER? 

First, let us understand what the specs of this golf ball are.  Then we will talk about how the golf ball performed when we put it to the test on a real golf course!



Callaway ERC Soft with TripleTrackTechnology  

What are the specs of the Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball?


High Energy Core – Softer core gives quicker compression resulting in higher energy release

  • Engineered to increase ball speed and distance 
  • Lower compression for Callaway’s highest forgiveness 
  • The Lowest spin of all Callaway Golf Balls


High-Speed Energy Mantle – Firmer high-speed mantle covers a softer core which generates more speed and longer distance.  It’s firmer under the cover for more spin around the green.  

  • Boosts resilience and speed
  • Creates more efficient energy transfer between layers for more 
  • Highest launch angle within the Callaway golf ball line-up



mantle layer callaway ercsoft




Innovative Suryln Hybrid Cover – Combination of Suryln and additives strengthen and toughen a broad range of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer systems with critical properties to withstand the most challenging conditions.  This combination creates a more durable cover

  • Urethane feel without the price
  • Incredible distance from high launch and low spin
  • Soft feel, durability, and excellent greenside control 


Callaway’s trademark Hex Dimple Pattern – Hex golf balls dimples remove the areas of flat surface that are found between circular dimples

  • Designed by ex-Boeing aircraft aerodynamics engineers 
  • 332 Hexagons and 12 pentagons – the bottom of each dimple is flat, and the edges are curved
  • Stable ball flight in all weather conditions
  • Reduces drag making it travel further and straighter through the air
  • Soft feel with less spin around the green






Triple Track Alignment Technology – Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity, improving alignment compared to a regular side stamp. It’s the same technology that is used on airport runway landing strips and aircraft carriers 

  • Three high-resolution parallel lines – Red thick line down the middle with two thinner blue lines outside
  • Golf Ball alignment aid for driving and putting
  • Golfers can easily see whether they have hit each putt properly by seeing if their ball is rolling end-over-end
  • Features on Callaway ERC Soft, Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS


Does Triple Track and ERC mean the same thing?

When ERC Soft Golf balls were introduced, Callaway also added Triple Track Technology.  This led to a bit of confusion about whether ERC Soft Golf Ball and Triple Track Technology were the exact same thing.  As you read above, they are not the same, and Callaway has added the Triple Track Technology to their Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS golf balls!

So the answer is NO, they are not!


balls 2021 erc soft triple track 2 1 1



How did this golf ball perform against Callaway’s top tier golf balls?

Callaway claims the ERC Soft  is their longest golf ball ever so we decided to play with them as well as Callaway Chrome Soft and Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls and see if this was true!  We tested them by playing an 18 hole round of golf.  *** testing on a computer with a robot is fine, but we think the best way to test is in real life, on a golf course, with natural elements.  It just makes sense to us.  



Off the Tee

We liked being able to line up our tee shot with the Triple Track Alignment aid.  It gives golfers as single aiming point as they get ready to crush their drive.  The lower compression rating of 60 allowed this golf ball to compress fast and gave solid distance.  We did not out-drive the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X consistently; all three balls were pretty much the same. If we had to choose which ball was longer, the Chrome Soft would win, but again, it was very close.  Ultimately these balls seemed interchangeable when comparing driving distance.

The ball flight and launch angle were slightly higher than the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, which was fine because the wind was calm.  Still, we think it may become an issue on windier days or inclement weather.



Mid and Long Irons

As the rules of golf state, we did NOT lift and place the golf ball and use it’s Triple Track Technology anywhere on the course (other than the green).  So we played the golf ball where it lay (even off Frankensteins fat foot).  We quickly realized that the Triple Track Technology was not in play here and gave us no additional advantage.

We did experience low spin and a high launch angle which helped with distance.  This was one area that the Callaway ERC Soft golf was noticeably different than the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X.


Wedges and Putting

Callaway also claims that the Callaway ERC Soft has an incredibly soft feel and mid-range spin around the green.  This golf ball launched higher and straighter on pitch and chip shots and rolled out much more than Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X.

We loved the Triple Track Technology to line up our putts, and when we missed, we enjoyed the immediate feedback on how the ball rolled.  As far as soft feel when putting – all three seemed similar, but ERC Soft and Chrome Soft were the softest.



Final Verdict!

We LOVE the Triple Track Technology when we are putting.  (Do you realize how many golf balls we have recovered, cleaned, sanitized, and sorted over the years that had  a version of this?!).  Many golfers have marked their golf balls similar to this for the exact reason.  Callaway’s Triple Track Technology isn’t something new to the industry, however we think it’s cool that Callaway has done their homework and realized that golfers were doing this.

Longest ball ever? Maybe. All driving distance depends on ball striking, swing speed, as well as many other factors. This is not new information. With Callaway ERC Soft’s 60 compression rating, we think this golf ball is VERY consistent and FORGIVING from Tee to Green.


Now it’s YOUR turn!

Many experts say knowledge is power, and we couldn’t agree more.  What we like to add is that knowledge, with the ability to test that knowledge for a FRACTION of the PRICE, is even better.  So go ahead and click on the links below and try the New Callaway ERC Soft golf balls and let us know what you think!


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