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ORLANDO, Fla. (January 31, 2022) – The 69th PGA Show reunited the global golf industry in person for the first time in two years, Jan. 25-28, in Orlando, Florida. Nearly 15,000 PGA Professionals, golf leaders, industry executives and retailers sourced new products from more than 600 participating brands, attended high-level industry presentations, learned timely business solutions and connected in person with peers and golf leaders to drive forward participation and the business of the sport.  The 2022 PGA Show began with Demo & Fitting Day at Orange County National Golf Center (OCN) on Jan. 25 and continued at Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), Jan. 26-28.


This year’s event was a bit different than usual.  Many of the giant names in golf chose not to attend; Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, and many more did not participate in this year’s event.  Regardless, the show was awesome, and we are excited to highlight the Best of Show 2022.


Enjoy the EIGHT best highlights from the 2022 PGA Golf Show!



8. Caddy Cup


Caddy Cup



Do you love to have a cigar on the course?  We sure do, and this cup is a perfect solution to a big problem.  Caddy Cup is brilliant as it securely holds your cigar and keeps it from slipping while enjoying your beverage.  It’s customizable and perfect for personal use.  In addition, you can personalize their products with desired names, team logos, and more.  Surprise your friends or loved ones with a versatile cigar-holding thermal cup that brings their two favorites together. 



7.  Ahh Towel


Ahh Towel


The Ahh Towel is a new type of instant cooling wet towel.  A chemical reaction inside makes the Ahh Towel cool to the touch without refrigeration. It fits in your bag and is ready anytime, anywhere.  The Ahh Towel gets much colder than evaporating towels, leaving players refreshed. It’s the perfect pro shop, promotional, or beer cart item.  We’ve seen many different versions of a “cooling towel,” but this is one that stood out from the rest!





IRON JOC Performance Wear



We could be partial with Iron Joc as a fellow Wisconsin company, but the proof is in their product.  This unique nano-silver technology naturally activates, seeks out, and eliminates 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria.  Iron Joc stands up to wear and tear.  Their products are wash tested 2X more than the industry standards, guaranteeing odor protection that will never wash or fade away.


Lightweight materials allow fast-drying and wicking, a cooler cool down, and an anti-static four-way stretch developed for all shapes and sizes.  It is gear made to look good, feel great, and go with your flow, not get in the way.  Their gear will never quit or stink on the course or in the gym! PLUS, it’s always guaranteed!


5.  Moonshine Golf



Moonshine Golf



The name is what drew out attention, and why wouldn’t it, right?!  The founders were banking on just that. Moonshine Golf sells Outdoor, country-focused Golf Apparel.  Moonshine Golf allows golfers to be themselves on the course and wherever the day may take them.  We LOVE the “edgy” but classy design, and we think this brand will be around for quite some time.



4.  Women on Fairways



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A luxury golf & lifestyle travel company catering to women golfers has curated a collection of luxury golf trips to bring women together on and off the fairways.  When we first learned about this company, we initially thought, “another golf travel company, big deal.”  But Women on Fairways is a big deal because this is something very unique and makes complete sense.


We love to see new companies fill an actual need within the golf industry rather than just being a me-too.  Women on Fairways create luxury golf trips for women golfers on and off the fairway.  “Off the fairway” is what matters to women. Guys play golf, drink beer, and tell long exaggerated stories (over and over) on golf trips.  But it’s not the same for women; they prefer to have an amazing “experience” regardless of how many rounds they play or how much beer they consume. Congrats to Women of Fairways, who have found a niche in an already saturated golf travel space!



3.  Salted 





SALTED pursues a healthy lifestyle that begins from the feet.  They aim to professionally measure and record body balance through foot data obtained from the feet and apply it to all activities for exercise and health.  So what does that mean?  Salted uses insole technology to capture weight shift data throughout the golfer’s swing, similar to force plates.  The difference, which is a game-changing difference, is that you can play golf at the SAME time!


2.  Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation


Untitled 1


We miss Payne and have always thought highly of Payne.  Payne’s spirit continues to live on! Payne Stewart Golf Experiences advance Payne’s vision by creating new golf spaces that give more families with kids the ability to learn and play golf.  This is the first and only golf learning program to combine fun, games-based play with modified, age-appropriate golf equipment and faith-based life skills curriculum.


They partner with local churches & community organizations like the YMCA to bring golf learning experiences to new neighborhoods. We create unique spaces to play and learn golf closer to home, allowing greater access to the sport, especially for lower-income and inner-city families.  We are always looking for new avenues to use our reach, to give back, and we are so happy to have found Payne Stewart’s Foundation.


1.  Stance Caddy



Stance Caddy, inspired by fundamentals from “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons”, helps golfers: Take the Guesswork Out of Your Footwork. Stance Caddy is an individually customizable golf stance training aid. With Stance Caddy, you measure your shoulder width and place it on the practice surface in front of you.  It provides confidence that your ball position is correct and that your feet are at the proper width and placement (open/closed to target) for each club in the bag.  You are eliminating a significant variable which allows you to focus on other elements of your swing.


We had the pleasure of meeting the founder of this company at dinner the night before the show and was impressed with the concept right away.  It turns out many others were, as Stance Caddy won the most innovative concept of the PGA Show 2022!


It was great to re-connect at the 2022 PGA Golf Show; even though many of the giant names in golf chose to skip this year, it still was a great success.  The PGA Golf Show continues to prove how amazing the and continues to prove that our golf industry is just amazing, and we are lucky to be a part of it!

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